Colin Sarsfield - Senior Consultant/Principal

Colin has been developing HVAC/R selection software since 1995 and programming since 1983. Prior to founding Rio Software, he developed the Dunham-Bush Electronic Catalog and other HVAC/R software for Dunham-Bush, Inc. Colin founded Rio Software based on the idea that many small to mid-sized manufacturers can't afford full-time programming staff, but could gain a great deal from high-quality product selection software.

Kevin North - Consultant

Kevin has been developing software since 1983 and professionally since 1990. His broad range of work prior to joining Rio Software includes development of 3D vision software for industrial robots, chemical movement simulation software for agronomy, a syntax checking programming editor, and freeware computer games. Kevin has also developed several web sites. He received his degree of Master of Science in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University in 1997, and in 2006 was given the Outstanding Young Alumni award.

Joshua Muskovitz - Consultant

Joshua has been developing software since 1975 and professionally since 1986. He has developed software for a wide range of industries, including raster paintboxes, industrial textile design systems, virtual classrooms, digital photo organizers, business intelligence systems, and more. He received his Bachelor of Science in 1987 and has been building award-winning products ever since.

Jacob Haskins - Consultant

Jacob joins Rio Software after building world-class telemedicine software that is used in remote locations like the Alaskan bush and the International Space Station. He has a broad range of experience from embedded systems to web apps, including topics such as encryption, dynamic graphics generation, mathematical simulations, usability, and regulatory compliance. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics from Gannon University.

Focused on HVAC/R