Rio Software Coil Analyzer

The Coil Analyzer helps design and application engineers gain more insight into fin and tube heat exchanger performance. The Analyzer interface has been used in several programs created by Rio Software. As part of the RioSelect software framework, it can be integrated easily with either new programs or existing calculation libraries. Contact us for a free demo.

McQuay Acoustic Analyzer

Provides acoustic analysis of indoor and outdoor spaces. As a design tool, this can be used to evaluate different strategies for attenuating sound, or to promote the cost savings associated with quieter HVAC equipment.

Krack Coil Forecaster

Coil heat transfer calculation software for use by design and application engineers. Its many features include: integrated TEV/distributor sizing, circuiting optimization, standard model database, button orifice sizing for recirculating ammonia coils, PDF/e-mail output capability. Engineers can now specify equipment more quickly and accurately.

NesbittAire-PrecisionCoils Selection

Product sizing/pricing catalog for reps, repsí customers, and application engineers. This program includes support for coil, unit ventilator, and storage cabinet product lines. Submittal data reports, submittal drawings, and order forms can all be printed, faxed, or e-mailed from the program. Reps can now produce bids faster, more accurately, and with less work both in their offices and at the factory.

Projects Prior to Founding

The following projects were developed by Colin Sarsfield while he was a full-time employee at Dunham-Bush, Inc. They are both excellent examples of the kind of software we can develop for your company.

Dunham-Bush® Electronic Catalog

This application allows sales representatives and customers to quote, submit, price, and order Dunham-Bush products. In this role, it largely replaced a mixture of printed catalogs, price sheets, fan curves, rating programs, and the manual process that combined all these materials.

Dunham-Bush® Workshop Program Series

These programs are used internally at Dunham-Bush to produce performance data for both custom and standard chillers, air handler coils, etc. They reduced the workload on both design engineering and applications engineers.

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